Q: So why do you have an FAQ?
Well, first off, why not? Secondly, to make sure one knows what they get into when they see me.

Q: How many cons have you been to?
A: 2010 marks the 21st con I have been to (Animefest). While my fave cons are anime, I have been to ConDFW (a book con), Itzacon (once, since Uncommoncon got canned) and Texas Frightmare (a horror movie con).

Q: Why don't you link to the other cons?
Well, for Itzacon, the only reason why I went was due to Uncommoncon's demise in 2001 (and the fact there hasn't been an Itzacon since 2004). ConDFW, because it didn't play to my tastes. Don't get me wrong, ConDFW was a good con, but it was a misconception on my part that it was Fantasy/Scifi, movies and books. Texas Frightmare.... while the stars there were gracious, the con itself was ruined by some in the staff. I could dedicate a whole page with details of what transpired, but my Deviantart page has my rant, so please visit there!

Q: What do you like to see at cons?
A decent Dealer's room, video rooms, a gaming room (both tabletop and video game), funny events (Anime Hell rates there), plenty of picture-taking costumes.

Q: Do you notify when you'll be at a con?
Yes, and sometimes post a room number. Typically, I'm there the day before the con starts, and stay until the morning of the end of the con, give or take.

Q: Oh oh! I have a con you can go to!
Well, you have my email, and the name of the con. Tell me, provide me a link, and I'll check it out. Be warned though, I might not make it, for various reasons (one being my job)

Q: What would get me onto your website?
Simply put: Be original, and be visible! Being a typical guy, I like taking pictures of my fave cosplays, which happen to be women. Guys enter into the mix when there is a stand-out costume. Basically, let's see some TRON pictures. Of the three, I'd be more than likely be posting 2 and 3 on the site, and 1 will never even be asked. No offense, but, unless the hero is a big fat guy, or uses Duct Tape for his/her crown, or (my fave) you don't not come close to matching the one you shoot for, please try another character.

Q: Ok, I have a picture on your site, is it possible to get a hard copy?
A: Sure. The images I store on-site are reduced resolution images of the original, and am looking into offering printing the picture out and selling for a modest fee (Vodka, ink, and glossy photo paper isn't cheap y'know :) ). If you have any ideas, by all means send an email. I'll be happy to cooperate and listen.

Q: I have a question you haven't answered.
A: Well, again, there's an email for you. Please email.... please.... I die of boredom.... arggggghhhhh!

Q: Someone said "I just lost the game," and I dunno about that...
A: Click this link to play the game.